We all get caught up in the daily routine of multi tasking which is exhausting and time wasting.

I’m not a magician by any means but these three things will definitely help you find the time for your sales activities and won’t eat into the things you really want to do.

In this episode we are discussing:

  • Don’t get sucked into Facebook or your emails, make a sales activity the first activity of your day, learn how to plan your day to maximise your time effectively
  • Instead of your clients just consuming your content tell them how to use it to their benefit, add a call of action to every piece of content you write
  • Stop the multi tasking and context switching, plan and schedule your time to work for you and your business


“ Sometimes it’s not about looking at the time you don’t have because of what else is filled up off and feeling resentful, like, Oh, I have kids or or I have a dog or I have, you know, whatever else I have to go and do. It’s about looking at how can I actually maximise the time that I do have?”

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