An epic episode today as I’m sharing the podcast with two amazing guests and personal friends, Janet Murray, The Content Queen and Lisa Johnson, creator of Fabulous 5%.

We are having honest conversations about what it really takes to start up and maintain your business. There is so much which goes on behind the scenes that it’s easy to forget the people behind the business and the time, effort and hard work it has taken to be successful.

It’s a four way conversation you definitely don’t want to miss – yes Max is here too sharing his thoughts and snorts on Instagram!

Sharing insights on:

  • The key differences between automations and connecting with people, how is it best to build those relationships
  • Building and maintaining your business to be the success you want it to be
  • An in depth look behind the scenes of businesses, it’s not all fluffy, what are the pitfalls, what should you focus on or invest in?


“You need those connections, people need to actually believe in you and your integrity and know that you actually have their best interests at heart.” – Lisa

“Ultimately, it does come down to relationships, you can’t just expect to automate everything and people want to do business with people, all of that is still true.   ” – Janet

“As a business owner you’ve got to build your character, be resilient, be happy to deal with different situations, and ultimately walk out the other side.” – Jess

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