** Are you a natural salesperson?**

Do you struggle with sales, are sales activities not your ‘thing’ or  perhaps you just aren’t selling yourself in the best way.

Stop beating yourself up about it, it might surprise you that you’re actually a great salesperson but you’re just being far too critical of yourself.

Whichever group you think you fall into Jess is taking you through a ‘check in’ on the podcast today. Tune in to find out if you are really a good sales person – or whether you need to up your activity to become one.

Sharing the following with you today:

  • Are you getting the results you really want? What action plan should you be putting into place?
  • Having a positive mindset, get motivational and be realistic about your targets.
  • How to get your audience to engage with you.


“Because I also don’t believe that inherently, there are people out there who cannot sell. It’s not true. You know, we don’t say to kids, oh, well, you fall over a few times so you probably should just give up on the whole walking idea.”

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