Corporate organisations are still buying and they need you and your specialism more than ever but don’t get sucked into spending all your budget on paid strategies to get the results you want until you’ve listened to this episode.

As well as the following Jess is explaining why using ‘advanced’ content is a myth when it comes to selling.

Jess is sharing with you:

  • The meaning behind ‘Advanced Sales Strategies.’ Why and when people buy into them  
  • Understanding why you aren’t getting the results you want, it’s all in the basics
  • How by being consistent with your sales will help you get the results you are looking for


“Advanced sales strategies, with air quotes here, people often say advanced but they don’t necessarily understand that advanced means paid.”

“ You know, in terms of advanced sales strategies, you’re looking at Advanced sales psychology, you’re looking at honing the existing sales skills that you already have.”

Please note that, due to the current situation Atomicon will now be a virtual event.

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