Have you got a ‘Business Birthday’ coming up or are you just starting out with your vision?

Either way this podcast party episode is just for you as Jess is sharing her knowledge of the last six years with you, from planning your business to talking about revenue.

It’s the ins and outs, the highs and lows, everything you want to know about starting your business and the importance of how you achieve the journey to financial success.

It’s 45 minutes of your time, do you really want to miss out?

In this episode we are talking:

  • Why you should stop focusing on the bigger picture, everything that will impact it is going to change
  • Creating the business you’re going to fall in love with over and over again
  • Don’t be shy about making a profit, it’s a business not a hobby


“I took on so much guilt for the actions of others, that actually, I probably held my business back more than I needed to.”

“I knew that it was about prioritizing the things that I would enjoy, you know, and for me that was about really going into depth on a topic, being well known and being the category of one expert for that topic in my industry.”

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