Have you ever wondered whether you should be using LinkedIn to generate leads? And if you have – you’ve probably then gone down the rabbit hole of building the perfect profile and worrying about what content you need to be posting…

That’s why for this episode, I’ve brought my favourite LinkedIn experts, Jamie and Janine Capaldi to the show. Jamie and Janine are a husband and wife team, running an incredible LinkedIn Lead Generation business. They teach organisations how to make the most of LinkedIn to generate consistent, high quality leads using their social selling system.

In this episode, we discuss;

  • Why everyone is migrating to LinkedIn – and whether or not it really is for everyone to use successfully.
  • What social selling is – and why service based business owners need to be implementing it for maximum LinkedIn lead generation success.
  • Whether LinkedIn pods are helpful or harmful to your LinkedIn activity

Not only that, but they share the ‘behind the scenes’ of what it looks like to use LinkedIn as a primary platform in the current economy.

So if you’ve been waiting to be wowed on a social media platform that is famed for being simple and profitable? Take a listen.

You can check out Jamie and Janine here: https://janinecapaldi.com/

And if you want help to skyrocket your sales? Click here to grab one of my free three spots each month: https://jessicalorimer.as.me/Supersize-Your-Sales-Session

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