It’s all about size… do you spend hours each week just adding anyone to Facebook to bump up your numbers, do you really think you need thousands of social media followers to hit those sales figures? 

Of course you don’t, it’s time to stop panicking about increasing your audience size and listen to Jess on why it’s just not as important as you think it is. 

She’s sharing with you how to check your conversions, the costs involved and business models while breaking down the myths that you really need a huge audience to gain sales.

Tune in to this episode for info on:

  • Business models, what type are you building and how your audience size is going to be determined from them
  • Do you really need to grow your audience numbers or should you try checking your conversion rates instead?
  • Money! I’m always talking about money but you really need to work out all the extra costs involved on building and maintaining a higher audience


‘It became harder than ever to stand out as an online business owner to cultivate and create an audience that was different.’

‘You can grow an incredible business completely organically if you are super clear on who you are selling to, what you are selling them and your message around that.’  

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