Andy Storch is an author, consultant, coach, speaker and facilitator who specialises in helping clients take control and live life with intention.

Andy is motivational, educational and inspirational, he wants nothing more than to help people get the most out of life whether that is by helping them create the right personal or business brands or by sharing the importance of building the right relationships. 

In this Andy and Jess are discussing:

  • How, by creating your personal brand and building supportive relationships and connections will bring value to your clients.
  • The mindset shifts you need to make for more positive outcomes and relationships.
  • Being authentic in your use of social media, creating content to help other people.


‘I truly want to put things out there to help other people because I want to have a big impact on the world.’ – Andy

‘I think it’s really important that sometimes we have to recognize our own fear around sharing information, because we think somebody might steal it is actually going to limit the impact that we can make with our businesses.’ – Jess

‘You always have people that will want to work with you, because of you, not because of the specific business that you’re doing.’ – Andy

‘I came online to build a business. I didn’t actually recognize the importance of building a personal brand.’ – Jess

‘I think the network and the personal brand goes hand in hand because the people you associate with also boosts your brand.’ – Andy 

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