Are you finding it more difficult to sell in this current climate?

Have you ever been tempted to hire someone externally to sell for you or are you struggling with your communication skills?

I’ve seen these and similar questions for the past few years so I’m really excited to be recording today’s episode, we all know by now how much I love selling!

I’m going to share with you why selling problems is your responsibility and what you need to do in order to reassess your sales strategies especially in this challenging environment. I’ll also show you how much more beneficial it will be to start selling your clients solutions instead.

In this episode find out the following:

  • How we can change our sales strategies sensitively to reflect the current challenging environment. 
  • Reassess your sales analysis and learn how to start selling solutions to your clients. 


‘And that’s why this sales strategy works really well because instead of selling pain,you sell hope.’

‘Now hope is a really powerful thing. And when it comes to sales, it’s even more powerful because the thing about hope is that it’s always there.’

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