So excited and privileged to be sharing this podcast with the incredible and widely respected Sigrun Gudjonsdottir.

Sigrun is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship and her mission is to be an inspiration to women all over the world to follow their dreams, create profitable lifestyle businesses and to embrace the path of online entrepreneurship.

We are sharing a bold conversation about the opportunities created through launches, brand awareness and the importance of having a signature programme.

In this episode we are discussing:

  • Planning the journey from launches through to hosting webinars, creating that launch method which really works!
  • Turning your passion into profits
  • Mindset, Marketing and Masterminds


‘Not everyone will buy from a launch but the added benefit is the perception of your brand.’ – Sigrun

‘When we’re looking at the way that we market, not only is it valuable to learn from other people’s experiences who are similar to you, but it also positions the course really well if you’ve got testimonials that are really good’ – Jess

‘It just goes to show how much women feel like they have to take into consideration when they feel a lot more responsible for the whole world.’ – Sigrun

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