It’s not been a secret that many businesses have been shifting their strategies throughout the continuing pandemic and, as we’re heading into another recession, are you wondering whether you should be doing the same?

Or could it be that you’re maybe just a little bit bored of your current business or just not seeing the success you want right now?

In this episode I’m sharing with you some major key factors for consideration before you make the decision to pivot your business, we’re discussing the following;

  • The reasonings behind your decision to pivot your business and what are you looking to achieve by doing so?
  • The practicalities of pivoting in order to make your business successful.
  • Understanding whether there is a ‘right’ time to pivot 


‘Selling on Facebook cannot survive forever. as a standalone revenue model. It just cannot.’

‘I’m doing this long term, strategically, I’m doing it with a clear focus, I know that this is going to be best for my business in the long run. You have to think strategically about how you actually want to create that plan.’

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