Are you being weighed down by all the negative media coverage about the recession or are you worried that your business is going to drop out of the market?

Don’t hit the panic button just yet!

I’m drawing on my own experiences as a salesperson in the last recession and I’ve designed this episode to share with you some of the strategies you can use whilst navigating through the recession yet still keeping your business afloat maintaining a healthy revenue.

I’m sharing in this episode:

  • How the recession could impact your business and useful strategies to help you get through it.
  • Accountability, don’t make the mistake of trying to achieve too many goals, stay focused on your core areas of sales.
  • This is an interesting one but trust the right people, surround yourself with people who want you and your business to succeed as you do theirs.
  • Why, by adding an additional corporate revenue stream to your business will help it survive.


‘In every economic downturn, there will always be opportunity for those who are ready to take it. It’s just a case of identifying the right option. Unity and maximizing.’

‘There are many, many organizations and companies that were set up during challenging economical periods and that actually should give a lot of us hope.’

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