Helping digital entrepreneurs and business owners around the world discover, set and achieve their goals online – then build a business they love is the motive of my guest today, Bob Gentle.

Alongside working with a handful of corporate clients, he focuses on helping digital entrepreneurs, microbusiness and small businesses fine-tune their product or business model, then find and build an audience online and compete against larger businesses with deeper pockets.  He also hosts ‘The Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Show.’

In this episode Bob and Jess are discussing:

  • The philosophy surrounding digital marketing
  • Short term marketing strategies versus long term strategies, which is best for your business
  • Taking the holistic approach to digital marketing 


‘If you have a loyal audience, a group of fans, you can operate much more dynamically.’ – Bob

‘Building a business, as opposed to making quick money online, is about cultivating those core relationships and making sure that they are mutually beneficial.’ – Jess

‘If you want success in digital marketing, it’s actually very simple. You need traffic, and you need conversion. And if you have those two things, you’ll make money.’ – Bob

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