Are you finding it frustrating spending a good proportion of your working day creating and sharing valuable free content for your audience yet not gaining anything in return from it? 

No sales

No revenue 

No new clients

Which is why, in today’s episode I’m sharing the three ways you can make your content more effective for converting prospects into clients and generating the revenue your business needs!

I’m showing you how the following can help you create effective content to convert into sales;

  • Make your content focused towards the job you want it to you – add in a clear and effective sales message to attract the right clients
  • Don’t constantly overload your platforms, use engaging and informative content – if your quality is high you can reduce your content hours
  • Don’t be afraid to use testimonials and case studies share what your clients have already achieved and what future clients can hope to achieve


‘You don’t have to be endlessly producing content – over consumption is actually bad for your audience’

‘So you’ve got to start thinking about Okay, is my content actually selling?’

‘in order to buy something from you confidently, people have to understand what it is that you do, and they have to understand that you can make it happen for them, and that you can make them feel good about doing the work’

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