Do you find it easy to keep motivated with your sales activities or are they getting so dull and boring that you just aren’t spending the time you should on them?

In this episode I’m sharing my top tips on how to keep your sales activities more fun, more consistent and how hopefully,  you can end the year on a more positive note!

  • Why being consistent and focusing on your sales activities each morning will keep them interesting and exciting
  • Learn how you can mix up your sales activities to avoid them becoming dull and stale
  • Prevent your sales becoming dull and tedious by linking them to the goals you want to achieve


‘It is important that you start thinking about how you can develop your own skills with sales and think about the ways that you could make it more interesting for you.’

‘What you don’t want is a sales process that feels dull and stale because it doesn’t incentivize us to keep doing it.’

‘Push yourself out of your comfort zone so that the sales process doesn’t become stale, and frustrating.’

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