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"I’m jumping for joy today! Another YES on the Discovery Call!  My husband overheard me on the call and when I got off, he said; “This doesn’t make ANY sense. How are you doing this?” I just said “Cash Creation”. Jessica, Cash Creation is changing my life!"

Samantha Grant 
Facebook Ad's Strategist for Wedding Professionals

Jessica Lorimer, Smart Leaders Sell

"I’m listing a few things that I’ve done since working with Jessica over the last month. They include: signing clients, selling out, a Case Study and getting published in Huffington Post. I’ve also been published in Raspberry Magazine and I’m going to be speaking at TedX Brighton this Friday in a line up of incredible, inspiring people!"

Helen Packham -
Leadership and Business Coach

"She is an amazing coach! You can't go wrong working with her. She has such passion for what she does and a great personal cheering section. One of the most positive people I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Beth Lynch 
Beth Lynch VA - Virtual Business Services

In January I had a day with Jessica as I needed to bring in a cash injection into my business. I was doing well with recurring revenue and courses but couldn’t really launch anything at that time and so needed some ideas. Jessica gave me some brilliant ideas using products I already had and I bought in thousands that month.

I decided to use some of the ideas in subsequent launches and have had 3 launches in 5 months bringing in over 6 figures this year using lots of the hints and tips from Jessica. Needless to say that 1 day session was very worth it. Jessica is also really approachable and doesn’t give you any fluff, which I appreciate. She works on integrity and so is someone I’ll always want to do more work with. Highly recommended!

Lisa Johnson -
Business Coach - Lisa Johnson Coaching

There's so much I could say about the last few years of mentorship and coaching I’ve enjoyed from you. I’ve tried to keep it brief and what I really want to say more than a testimonial, its s a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for the most amazing set of sales tools and techniques. I’ve been able to tweak and adapt these to all sorts of markets and situations and as long as I stay true to your simple but proven approach it always works.

Thank you for enabling me to create a framework for my business that means I now get to choose the hours that I work, serving and helping the clients I love to work with.

Thank you for helping me to understand my worth, the value of the work I do and to charge appropriately for my time without apologising.

Diana Rickman 
Mindset Magicians - Mindfulness Classes and Coaching for Children

"What you just said is so freeing & we need reminding often in these beginner stages. It really is simpler than we make it. "Give value, be fair, be yourself." I can totally do that! I've been doing that for 30 years already & it's time to do it on a much larger scale now. I'm listening, Jessica Lorimer! Keep pouring out the wisdom & thank you!"

Elisa Joy Torres 
Self - Employed

"I'm getting some new clients but doing so many things differently and making more money for my clients I have! I'm being bolder about how I can help them. I'd always let clients lead before. The results have been epic and the clients are happy! I've grown my group and doing lives .... it's all fab Jessica Lorimer you are a legend! Thank you!

Emma Heptonstall -
The Divorce Alchemist

​"All I have to say is if you have not talked one on one with Jessica Lorimer in a discovery call you have no idea the kind of inspiration and clarity you are missing in your life! There is no doubt in my mind that her number one goal is helping others succeed and that is super groovy! Thank you so much Jess I'm super pumped and know that I am on the right path now."

Grim Long 
Founder/CEO of the EPW Club with Grim

"Know what's amazing and awesome?!? I'm on my way home from vacation and, thanks in a HUGE way to Ms Jessica Lorimer, while I was gone 10 new people signed up for my upcoming self care challenge. I am so super excited that so many people joined in .... and I got to relax instead of focusing on my biz. So, so grateful for your help and guidance Jess."

Heather S Emerson 
Content Writer

"Thank you Jessica Lorimer for taking the time to chat to me about sales in a non-sleazy way! I'm now buzzing with ideas and have some more focus on where to direct my energy so that my passion for creating lifestyle change can be spread far and wide around the globe. You have a great way of keeping things simple and focused."

Lorraine Pannetier-
Creative Director - Eat More Plants

"Note: when you have optins, your list grows. Thanks Jessica Lorimer for helping me sort through that one and always being a great example of sharing the value you have to offer."

Tara Newman 
The Bold Leadership Revolution

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