You’re Awesome At What You Do…

But Your Bank Account Says Otherwise

Let Me Help You Turn Your Skills Into Sales
So That You Can Make The Impact And The Income You’re Looking For…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a sale or if you’re brand new to your business… Here’s how you can get the coaching, the support and the proven step-by-step system to help you build a BS free business you love.

You don’t have to try to be everywhere. You don’t have to try to be “on” all the time. You don’t have to try a million different strategies.

All you have to do is follow the simple plan I’m about to lay out for you… and amazing things can start happening in your business and in your life.


When I first started my business, I was doing a lot of the same things you’re probably doing right now.

I bought a lot of courses that were 12 weeks long that taught me about ideal clients, and branding and building my website and all that… but they never talked about sales until week 8 or 9. After a few weeks, I usually got too bored or overwhelmed to continue… and never ended up making it past week 6 – on any of them!

I believed the hype from every guru out there who had a photoshoot in Paris and who seemed to be living the laptop lifestyle. Meanwhile, I was working until 2am most days, mainlining caffeine and trying to follow ALL of the plans from every industry influencer around.

And yet nothing changed. I was GOOD at sales… and I was making money. But it was nowhere near what the Facebook ads had promised – and despite trying to keep up with #AllTheThings and all the formulas… none of them seemed to fit me and my business. And so I just felt like a failure who couldn’t get results.

Most of the programmes out there that I found, just flat out didn’t work. They had worksheets, checklists and audios coming out of their backsides. But a lot of them felt like they were selling me into the next thing… which made building my business 1 x harder than it needed to be. And it made me feel like an ATM for the ‘mass coaching pyramid’

The thing was, I had a skill… but people were prescribing so many ‘magic formulas’ and ‘proven systems’ that I didn’t know what to pick in order to fully monetize my expertise.

As we all know, confused minds aren’t productive – so I ended up doing too many things and not doing them well.

And even though I was making money (read: enough to keep the mortgage man happy and myself in tea bags)… I wasn’t building a sustainable business that would ever work long term.

Instead, I was hopping around from one thing to the next, hoping it would be the magic solution.

I finally looked around at all the stuff I was doing and all the courses I had bought… and I realized something had to change.

In my corporate career, my speciality was streamlining sales processes and generating multi-million dollar deals. That’s what I did for a living. But for some reason, when it came to my business, I’d chosen to ignore the simplicity of the processes that I’d created before. And instead, I was running around like a headless chicken making things WAY more complicated than they needed to be. So finally, I made a change. I started to simplify what I was doing and take it back to basics.

Eyeballs + Offer = Money.

I sat down at my kitchen table with a piece of paper. On that piece of paper, I listed the only things that really mattered. And I made it a point to focus on answering these five questions…

  1. Clarity: who do I want to serve and what do I want to sell them?
  2. Messaging: how am I going to communicate effectively with my audience and make them get to know, like and trust me?  
  3. Offers: How can I create an immediately sellable (and sell out!) offer that my audience are super excited about buying?
  4. Sales: How am I going to sell this? What sales strategies and techniques will I use?  
  5. Automation: What parts should I automate or give up so that I only have to focus on the stuff I’m really good at?

That was my eureka moment… (or 90 minutes). After that, I got my head down and spent my time focusing on my plan to generate revenue.

6 months – and 6 figures later…

I had more time. I had more energy. I wasn’t staying up until 2am working anymore. And I finally had a real business. It felt incredible.

But there was just one thing

that really sucked…

All of the other women I knew who had businesses weren’t finding the same kind of success. And I felt like I had left them behind. They were still struggling. And I wanted to help them achieve the same level of success that I had. So, I decided to take all of the formulas and proven strategies that I created… my entire system… and I started teaching it to the other female entrepreneurs for a tiny fraction of what other people charged. And that when The Dotties was born…

The Dotties Membership Community

The Dotties is the FIRST and ONLY online membership community dedicated to helping women like YOU build profitable businesses… with a focus on keeping it super simple.

Here’s The Reason Why

The Dotties Works So Well

It’s very hard to run a business when you’re not making money… or the money that you want to be making.  This is one of the only membership communities out there where we focus on sales FIRST.

I’m not focused on creating tons of content for you to follow. Instead, I’ve created a community that gives you the simplest and best steps to help you hit your next sales goal; whether that’s your first sale… or your five hundredth!

My goal isn’t to bog you down with 497 hours of video trainings. My goal is to help you start making sales, earning money and building a more stable, predictable and profitable business that gives you back time and freedom.

Alongside our commitment to helping you be the most profitable and productive that you can be… we have curated an amazing community that you’ll be part of as soon as you join.

I don’t know about you – but I find that women get a bad rap. We’re taught to be competitive, rather than collaborative from an early age; and it’s really rare to find a community of women where everyone genuinely has each others backs… and where everyone wants each other to succeed.

That’s what makes the Dotties a one-of-a-kind group. You really won’t find any other community out there like this.

Here’s What’s Included

With Your Membership

The Dotties Private Support And Coaching Community

As soon as you join, you’ll be invited into our private Facebook group where we’ll introduce you to all of the other Dotties. We like to think of this as a safe-space where you can say what you want and be who you are. But we DON’T fake cheerlead – this is not one of those groups where we’re going to spend all day making you feel warm and fuzzy if what you actually need is a kick in the pants and a ‘suck it up Princess’ moment. This group IS a place where you can go when you’ve had a tough day to get answers and support… but the focus is on ACTION. Every member inside the group will hold you accountable and help you actually make breakthroughs (and biz besties!) happen in your business. It is a very supportive community full of women, who are all working toward the same goal. Everyone has either been where you are now… or has gotten to the same place you want to be. What happens in the Dotties, stays in the Dotties. There is a strong bond between our members and you will become an integral part of it when you join.

Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions

Every single week, we put out a call for YOUR questions, problems you need solving, and things you need help with. Then, I hop on a Facebook live and answer your questions for you. All you need to do is submit your question and show up – and you’ll get it answered directly by me!

Onboarding Call With Me

We will hop on a group Onboarding Call with all new members that join in the month (annual members get a quarterly 30-minute one-on-one call with me). This is where we go through how The Dotties works, what the portal is, what to expect with the weekly Q&A, etc.

Based on what I charge for my regular one-on-one rate, a 30-minute call has a real-world value of £600. 

The Dotties Membership Portal

This is where we store all of our trainings. When you join The Dotties, you’ll be placed into a one of three specific roadmaps. Whether your goal is getting to your first £5k, £10k or £25k+… we have a specific plan for you to follow that will help you get there. And the best part is… these roadmaps aren’t like all of the other 6, 8 or 12 week programs that are going to give you a million things to do. Instead, my roadmaps are focused on getting you to perform a few simple exercises and tasks that will move your business forward faster than anything else you’ve ever done. Our goal is to get you making sales from the very start… not give you tons more to learn before you can start turning those skills into cash. All you have to do is login to the portal, watch the next video in your roadmap and perform the action. If you follow the plan we lay out for you… and if you use the group and the support from me, amazing things WILL start happening in your business.

Monthly LIVE Hotseats

Every month we do a monthly LIVE hotseat. If you’re really struggling with something in your business, this is your opportunity to get direct feedback and guidance not only from myself… but also from other members in the group – in real time. Each one of these sessions is recorded… so you can access them anytime. Once you do your first hotseat, you’ll have some immediately actionable steps that will help you break through any barrier in your business.

Twice Yearly In-Person Meetups

Twice a year we invite all of The Dotties for an in-person one-day meetup in London where we drink prosecco, eat lunch, and help each other build our businesses. You won’t have to keep boring your partner, kids, dog, cat or, parrot talking about your business – you’ll finally be able to connect and chat with other women who “get it.” These days are always a lot of fun. It’s an opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy a day to progress your personal and professional development with prosecco.

Here’s What Some Of The Dotties

Are Saying…

I’ve made more progress in my business since joining the Dotties, than the 2 years doing it by myself. Jess’s techniques have taught me how to use a discovery call and has helped me get my first client! Jenn Berklemans

Intuitive Wellness Coach

You get out of it what you put in. If you listen to the advice and you listen to the support and you take action, then you can’t fail. Jess’s membership group has been the best investment I’ve made in my business so far, not just this year, but in my business so far. Tina Leigh McDonald

Avalanche Coaching

So… How Much Do I Have To

Invest To Join The Dotties?

When I work one-on-one with clients, my day rate is £7,000. If you wanted to join one of my small group coaching programs, you’d end up paying £1,297 for six weeks of group coaching. But when you join The Dotties today, you’re not going to have to pay anywhere near that price.

You can join for a tiny investment

of just £45 a month.

And for this super-affordable investment, you still get access to coaching from me once per quarter, along with all of the hot seat sessions, live Q&A’s, live trainings, and support and feedback from the community.

Here’s Why You Need To


The thing is, we don’t have big Dottie launches all that often. In fact, it’s super rare for me to open the doors to our ‘Dottie Factory’ (and yes – if you get that film reference, you’ll fit right in!). And the other thing is, that if you’re not already shaking your head in amazement at all the amazing opportunities that are included when you become a Dottie… well… #CrazyPants.

But if it’s not about the ‘stuff’ for you… and instead you’re recognising that you’re ready to STOP building an expensive hobby… and START building a business that meets ALL of your needs; time, money and freedom… then waiting any longer to join will just stop you getting to your goal.

We are here to help YOU. You really don’t have to struggle on your own anymore.

All you need to do, is make the commitment to yourself – and join today.

This all sounds great. But…

What’s the minimum commitment for The Dotties Membership?
We pride ourselves on curating our community – and having long term members who are focused on getting results. We like members to join for a three month minimum commitment so that you really can maximise your experience AND your ROI.
How do I cancel my membership?
Super simple – drop us an email and we’ll cancel your subscription for you. No hard feelings – no awkward conversations or hard-sells. Just a simple; “Hey Jess – thanks but no thanks” and we’re all good to go 🙂
Am I locked in for a long term contract?
The Dotties isn’t a prison sentence – we’re all about making sure that you get the best experience and that we’re here for you when you need! We expect a three month minimum commitment on joining so that YOU get the most from the membership – and if you’re an annual member, then you’re with us for the full 12 months (YAY!)
Can I get a refund?
Nope! We don’t offer refunds on your membership fee at any time. We don’t encourage people to join without considering if it’s the right decision and then expecting a refund if they’re not the right fit. We’d rather you asked ANY questions and got the answers you need beforehand so that you can join in confidence 🙂
What’s the difference between an annual and monthly subscription?

We have two great options for ladies looking to join us; Monthly members pay £45 per month and receive an onboarding group call with me, plus get full access to the private community, portal, weekly live Q&A’s and the monthly hot-seat. Annual Members pay £450 for the year (getting two months free!) and 30 min 121 call with me every quarter. They also get full access to the private community, portal, weekly live Q&A’s and the monthly hot-seat. * We only have 50 annual member spots – and 26 of these are currently filled – so if you know that you want extra time with Jess, please make sure that you grab an annual subscription because Jess hasn’t learned how to clone herself #TimeMachineFail. Once these spots are filled, we will not have any other 30 minute call options *


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