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In this “ditch the dirt” episode of the Smart Leaders Sell Podcast, Jess gives us an in depth look behind the scenes of her business, and what it takes to become successful as an entrepreneur!

In This Episode

  • What Jess thought her life was going to look like
  • Rebelling against corporate and the impact it had on starting her business
  • Taking ownership and being solely responsible for your success
  • The life skills and lessons learned and the pros of running a business
  • The lows and cons of running your own business and being successful
  • Investing in yourself
  • Hiring a team to expand, grow and avoid burnout.

“I was always going to be able to make money when I needed to, because that was my primary skill set”

“It’s the small steps that actually make the biggest difference”

“I worked in environments where numbers counted and not much else”

“If one person believes in me, more people will believe in me”

“Having sand in my laptop was not a good option for me”

“I used to really beat myself up that things weren’t going quick enough”

“If someone is copying your stuff, go hard or go home”

“People do have expectations and sometimes you’re not going to meet them”

“There are certain things you can not wait to invest in if you don’t have the skills”

“If you cannot make sales, you cannot run a business”

“Always make sure that you’re taking care of the number one resource in your business, and ultimately that’s you”

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