I often get people in my free Facebook community who have amazing sales questions that they need answered – and recently, I had one lovely member who commented that they’d like to know EVERYTHING that they ever need to know about sales.

Well, I can’t write that all in one blog post – but the good news is, that over the last eight months, I’ve been beavering away recording podcast episodes that answer the most important sales questions that you might have. And in typical #NumbersNerd fashion, I’ve been keeping a beady eye on which episodes have been most popular – so that if you haven’t checked out the podcast yet and you want someone to answer your biggest sales questions, you can check out some of the most listened to episodes and grab the amazing golden nuggets!

So – in order… here are the sales questions that you are most interested in getting the answer to;

  1. Never Hear Another No On A Sales Call 

So you’re booking discovery calls with potential clients… and you have a great call but suddenly they; ‘have no money’, ‘need to ask their partner’, ‘not sure if this is the right fit’ and you’re like ‘WTAF’? We’ve all been there – but I’m on a mission to help YOU have better sales calls. This episode lays out the exact sales call structure that I use to convert over 98% of calls. Imagine what THAT conversion rate could do for your bottom line!

  1. The Only Three Things You Need To Do To Generate Revenue 

Let me guess – sometimes you just want to make cash SUPER quick? To pay that new team member/ buy that car/ take that vacay? Well creating cash doesn’t have to be difficult – in fact, there are only three steps that you need to take to generate immediate revenue in your business – and this episode breaks those steps down so that you can start creating cash like Kanye with new kicks!

  1. How To Sell In FB Groups Without Being Sleazy 

Okay – this is honestly one of my favourite episodes! When we first start out online, Facebook groups are a fantastic source of revenue generation… but how do we sell in FB groups without being Sleazy McGrimy? And how do we avoid hacking off the group owner? Or sell in a ‘no promo’ group? In this episode, I’m sharing all the wonderful ways that we can use Facebook groups to make money without being all gross about it!

  1. Learning To Sell Yourself Online with Kaylyn Parker

In this live coaching episode, Kaylyn asks me why she finds it easier to sell other people and their products than her own self and services! We talk about the reasons that stop us selling ourselves and how to overcome them – a must listen if you’re lacking in the confidence to sell your services!

  1. Why People Buy

Ever wondered why everyone and their dog uses a countdown timer on a sales page? And who still buys from the false scarcity urging? Well in this episode, I peel back the magic sales curtain and show you exactly how buyers make their decisions – so that you can understand the best ways for you to sell to your community!

  1. How To Write Emails That Sell, Not Smell

Ever had a crappy cold email pitch that made you feel slimy? Or wanted to send out your own sales email but were worried about the way that your audience would take it? In this episode, I break down email marketing best practices and how you can write emails that convert into clients and raving fans, rather than getting you relegated to the spam box!

  1. Clarity Around Sales With Jen Hall

Do you have a million and one ideas… and then none of them get executed so they end up flopping like a dead duck? Well in this episode, Jen brings questions about how to get real clarity on moving forward with your sales process – and I break it down into super simple steps so that you can find out what you REALLY need to know before you start selling!

  1. How To Make Money Every Day

One of the phrases that I’m best known for is ‘Sell Every Day’. But how do you actually do that? How is it possible to make money every day even if you don’t have lots of fancy funnels and tons of ad spend? In this episode, I break down exactly how you can be making money each day with ease.

  1. How To Get Super Visible

Ahh the visibility bug bear. Should you stay on social media/ hire a fancy PR expert/ go to a ton of networking events/ pimp out influencer content? Sometimes it’s really difficult to know exactly which tools are going to work best for you – which is why I’m sharing exactly how you can do it without feeling grossed out during the process.

  1. The Best Episode Ever With Scott Doucet

Want a good giggle and to learn exactly how you can monetise your own podcast? Well, that’s what I share in this live coaching episode with my very own podcast producer, Scott Doucet. Thirty minutes of laughter and serious $$$ strategy!

So if you’ve got sales q’s that are keeping you awake at night – or you simply want a great sales action plan, make sure that you book in your free Supersize Your Sales session with me and we’ll make sure that you’re on the road to skyrocketing your sales!


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