Ready to be polarised?

Sometimes when I post a blog, podcast episode, email or Tweet I have to take a deep breath, pull up my big girl britches and hope for the best. This is one of those times. Because today, I’m busting the BIG sales myths… and it might make you a little bit cross that no-one’s shared the truth with you – before now.

So – deep breaths, grab your cuppa… and read on whilst I bust the 3 TOP sales myths that are keeping you stuck – and broke.

1. Give everyone TONS of free stuff

WOMP WOMP WOMMMMMMMMMMMP <— My impression of a gameshow buzzer.

Okay. I really wish that this one was true. I do believe in giving away AMAZING free content (hello #SalesIn4SummerChallenge over on the Smart Leaders Sell podcast right?!).  However, there’s a fine line between giving GREAT free content… and just giving away tons of it in the hope that people will buy of their own volition. In fact, instead of buying from your free content, what often happens is that we create a tribe of ‘baby birds’ – people who only want to consume free content and who run for the hills when you try and sell them anything. Even something for £10…

2. Hang around in twenty gazillion free Facebook Groups and post ‘value’

NEH NUHHHHHHHHHH <— Also a gameshow buzzer

This is a myth that I LOVE to bust. Free Facebook groups are the bane of most people’s lives. I’ve literally seen people be taught to ‘pick your top 20, make a spreadsheet and post in each 3-5 x per day’.

Seriously?  WHEN DO YOU GET A LIFE?!  I mean, let’s face it, if I wanted to be frustrated about a “spray and pray” strategy, I’d just walk back to my job right?

Facebook Groups can work. But generally only if a) they’re yours and b) you have a solid sales strategy. If you don’t, you’re just at risk of hacking off a lot of group owners and having other group members do the old eye roll when they see your content. Even when it’s actually pretty good!

3. Create lots of different kinds of content… and direct people from one to the other constantly.

BAH BAH BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH <— Guess that this is?!

Okay. I know. Content is king. Blah, blah, blah. All the greats have it all ; YouTube channels, podcasts, newsletters, groups, LinkedIn articles, Snapchat, Instagram…
The reality is this…

Content does not equal cash in the bank. Even if you’re Gary Vee.

Content is absolutely important when it comes to building a relationship with your tribe. It’s great when it comes to establishing your expertise.

When it comes to PayPal ‘dings’ and Stripe wins? Not so much.

In fact, creating tons of content for your audience leads to never-ending consumption… and low sales.

What can you do if you’re still trying to make your business work using these tactics?

Let’s get real. These aren’t just sales myths, for some people they’re actual sales strategies, but they are simply not working.  It’s exhausting constantly creating content, showing up on every platform ALL the time and giving tons away for free. In fact you might be driving yourself slowly crazy and quickly broke in the process…

If this is you, then honestly, you need to join my signature group program Cash Creation today.

After 7 months, it’s finally open and I’m ready to help more people;

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If you’re ready to SKYROCKET your sales this summer – and you’re ready to do it in an easier and simpler way – then the Cash Creation doors are now open and we’re ready to welcome you with open arms! But be quick – doors close on Friday 1st August at 11:59pm BST.


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