As a Sales Coach, one of the things that frustrates the life out of me, is seeing people sell the ‘secret’ behind attracting premium clients.


(And I say this as someone who successfully teaches people how to GET clients)

  • There is absolutely NO such strategy.
  • There is no ‘quick win’.
  • There is no copy that you can write, branded photoshoot that you can get done or designer gear that you can flaunt that will help ‘attract premium clients’.

Now, if you follow me regularly (or have read through my website at all) you’ll see that I’ve used this phrase in the past. And I promise you that I’m not being a hypocrite here…

It’s about HAVING a premium offer to sell them.

And successfully offering it to the prospective clients that it can actually help.

Sound too simple?

I hear you.

It’s actually nicer in a way to think that we have to do #AllTheThings to close these premium clients.

It’s not about looking for a certain person type (one who wears Louis Vuitton and throws dollar bills in the air when they’re walking to the shop!). In fact, it’s about simply being confident enough in yourself and your skills to CREATE and SELL a premium offer.

Let me put it this way, in order to sell a premium offer, we first have to define what premium is to us. And then we have to create a premium offer that meets the needs of our ideal clients.

Not sure on how to do that? Check out my podcast episode here on creating premium offers – even if you’re in a ‘low ticket’ industry!

And then we have to sell it.

Which means having the steel balls/ ovaries to offer that premium service to our prospective clients.


  • Not ‘look for all the signs that they’re a multi-millionaire’
  • Not ‘write amazing copy that only speaks to high net worth individuals’
  • Not ‘hang out in the lobby of your nearest Wealth Management firm/ luxury hotel and start random conversations’

Which means that 98% of the time, if people are quoting ‘too expensive’ as their key objection … they’re actually telling a slight fib. Or trying to be polite. Because they don’t want to mention the real reason that they don’t want to buy from you… of which there are generally only two:

  1. They don’t trust you enough/ your product/ your service to get the results that you promise.
  2. They don’t trust themselves enough to USE your product/ service to get the results that they want.

Now, in order to overcome those objections, we don’t need to worry about price at all. Instead, we need to focus on our core sales skills;

  • Relationship building
  • Demonstrating value
  • Offering the sale

Nothing more, nothing less.

So please, instead of spending your time trying to write better copy/ hiring a luxury car to pose in front of/ sleeping on dollar bills to ‘prove’ that you’re worthy of premium clients….

  1. Research what your audience needs help with RIGHT NOW.
  2. Create a premium offer that helps solve their problem in the quickest and easiest way for them.
  3. Sell it.

Simple 🙂

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