People often email me, asking about the ‘sales secrets’ that will help them generate tons of revenue in their business, without worrying about fancy funnels or having to invest a ton of money in Facebook ads.


Sales are simple – and I want to show you just how simple, by giving you my top three favourite ways to generate immediate revenue in my business (and my clients!) without investing tons of time into ads, technology or trying to build relationships with huge influencers in ten minutes flat!

Re-Sign existing clients. Ever had a client who’s about to finish working with you – who actually needs to continue/ who you could continue to help? Then it’s time to ask them to re-sign with you! You can re-sign existing clients – or reach out to previous clients who may now be in need of your help again!

Ask for referrals. Happy clients = happy to give great referrals! If one of your clients has an issue, the chances are that they have a friend/ colleague or biz bestie that has the same issue – and who wants it solved! Reaching out to all of your past clients and asking for referrals is a great (and easy!) way to generate immediate revenue without having to put in tons of effort. And to sweeten the deal, you can always offer the referrer an affiliate fee/ free session to encourage them to make that warm introduction!

Relaunch an existing ‘live’ offer as a self-study/ DIY course. Some of my most popular programmes are run live – but only twice a year. However, that doesn’t stop people wanting or needing them the whole year round. Reaching out to your audience and offering a DIY / Self Study version for a lower price can add tons of profit to your bottom line without costing you huge amounts of time/ freedom.

For more ideas on generating immediate revenue, download my FREE Cash Case Studies series and learn how three of my fabulous clients got epic results like;


0 – £16K in 6 weeks.

$2/3K per month for two years … to $32.5K in 16 days.

Over $30K in 4 weeks – in a brand new business!


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