You know what I’m proud of?

NOT creating clients who ALL do the same thing.

You know what I’m saying right?!

One minute someone is a Health Coach… and then they work with a specific person/ take a specific programme and suddenly, BAM (!) they’re a Business Coach… and so are all the other graduates!

I’m out of love with that model.
I think it bred a generation of ‘baby business coaches’ who were taught the same cookie cutter methods… that didn’t actually serve them.
And that (in my mind) SUCKS.

It’s why I’m super proud of the Dotties.
In the last month alone, we’ve celebrated some amazing differences and wins – in ALL different industries, niches and skill sets.

From the IG legend that is Sam Bearfoot working with bazillionaire brands to boost their engagement and build their brand on IG, to Sarah Banks who’s changing the fertility space with a new outlook for her clients… All alongside people like;

– Tina Leigh McDonald who is revamping the way that school systems and education work.
– Victoria Hatton who’s only been a Dottie for 3 weeks – but who just launched her first challenge with over 200 participants
– Amy Paris Jackson who’s changing the face of ‘stock’ photography
– Rebecca Boulton who set up an EPIC YouTube channel (and a video with over 1000 views in a MONTH from SCRATCH!)
– Julie Dennis who’s changing the way that corporates deal with women going through the menopause.
– Chloe Burroughs who is switching the way that part-time students can be hugely productive AND still have a life. (And who just ROCKED her last-minute launch #EPIC)
– Liz Melville who is the FB Ads expert behind some BIIIIIIG strategies.
– Emma Langton who’s changing the way that we look at setting boundaries – and bringing Charlie dog along for the ride too!
– Cathy Topping who’s changing the world of Pinterest for entrepreneurs (and running a bloody EXCELLENT challenge!)
– Jen Hall who’s breaking the way forward and ensuring everyone gets clarity (and who wrote a phenomenal article on the coaching industry today!)

And a whole host more… in industries like; infertility, life coaching, copywriting, health coaching, fitness, mindset, relationship coaching, photography, web design, Pinterest, FB ads management, social media management, VA services… the list goes on..!

In fact, the thing I love MOST about the Dotties is the diversity of industries – that and the courage with which each Dottie takes action to become their own business owner and banishes the cookie cutter strategies from their biz plan.

The Dotties is about to open – with a new format.


– Incentive-based learning – that’s right, being REWARDED for taking action.
– 1:1 Laser Coaching calls with me EVERY quarter.
– Weekly live Q&A’s
– Monthly Hot-Seats (where EVERYONE gets to ask their question!)
– Accountability and support (and even accountability buddies if you want them!)
– A community with courage, heart and who want to genuinely support YOU to succeed.

Oh – and a portal full of business-building resources, epic sales content and how-to guides/ templates and more!

Interested in becoming a Dottie? Check out the application  – and we’ll answer super honestly whether the Dotties is the best fit for you 

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And – I’d LOVE to hear how you’re taking a stand on#BanishingTheCookieCutterFramework this week too!

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Read more to learn how to be that entrepreneur and business owner that banishes the cookie cutter strategies from their business plan.
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