Are you a launch lover? Or a member of the ‘I Hate Launching’ brigade? There’s no right or wrong answer… but fortunately or unfortunately, launching is a big part of online sales strategy – and so it’s important to find the right launching strategy for you. Whether it’s all about automated launches – or large-scale live launching – there’s always a launch plan that’ll feel right for your personality and your profit margins!

I recently undertook our 7th (!) Cash Creation launch… seriously where does the time go? And there were a few lessons that I wanted to share. After all, sharing is caring right?!

1. Have a Launch Goal

Most people don’t set a launch goal… and so they get stuck when it comes to celebrating their success – or identifying whether or not, their launch actually worked!

Make sure that you set a revenue goal (I like to set ‘Good, Better, Best’ goals) as well as an audience building goal.

After all, during your pre-launch, you’ll be wanting to build your audience – and knowing your numbers = a bigger, better, more successful launch for you!

2. Email Marketing ISN’T Dead

I know, email marketing isn’t sexy. It requires work, consistency and persistence…. Nevertheless, it works – and during my most recent launch, generated over 60% of the total revenue! Sixty percent – which means that only forty percent of my revenue generation is tied up in platforms that I can’t control #HeyZucks

Now I don’t know about you – but if 99% of my business relied on Facey-B or any of the other social media platforms, I’d be scared. After all, you can’t control what they decide to do, change or get rid of. And in recent months, we’ve seen a lot of accounts simply deleted without warning.

Having an engaged and responsive email list means that you never have to worry about your sales strategy. (Oh – and if you want the Top 10 Ways to Build Your List, just click here to grab them for free!)

2. Email Marketing ISN’T DEAD

I think this is the bit that freaks most people out about email marketing… how much time and energy you spend trying to get people onto your list… only to have them leave during a launch!

The thing is, that people who unsubscribe weren’t going to buy anyway… so if they send you an email telling you that they unsubscribed because they received ‘too many emails’ – but you’ve been sending them nothing but immense value for the last few weeks… it really isn’t about your launch.

It’s just that your offer might not be right/ that they don’t want to buy/ that they actually want to be sending sales emails themselves. Instead of worrying about unsubscribes, turn your notifications off – and focus on sending emails that deliver value and a fabulous sales pitch.

4. People Love To Be Involved

One of the reasons that I launched my latest round of Cash Creation with a challenge, is because your audience love getting involved with launches!

Whether they get to participate in your launch trigger, identify themselves as a buyer or become someone who shares your offer with something else, people love to be part of something bigger.

People also love trying something new – if you launch the same product or service in the same way time and again, people will get bored – and instead of seeing it and thinking about how it could help them… they’ll scroll straight past because ‘it’s just the same as last year’.

5. Impact & Income

Yep… I’m going to talk about money.

You see, often people will play it small when it comes to launches. They’ll tell themselves that it ‘doesn’t matter’ if they hit their financial goal or not, because they ‘just want to help people’.

I get it. We ALL want to help people.

But the reality is, that without your business making a profit, it’s impossible to survive – and therefore completely STOPS your ability to impact more people.

So if you’re someone who dreams of being on a big stage, speaking to the masses, launching a best-selling book that impacts millions… then get used to the idea of money being an integral part of the process. Plus – your bank manager will be happy – and it’s always good to keep them onside!

6. Keep Going

Persistence is key when it comes to launching.

They require sustained effort (and a large supply of coffee/ wine) and consistent tweaking and troubleshooting.

And that means that you need to be prepared and ready, not only to deliver the launch itself – but also to troubleshoot any potential issues along the way.

Plus, make sure that you have plenty of rest time scheduled in; food breaks, beach walks and exercise help me get through launches without losing my sanity – and could save yours too!

7. (Planned) Launches Work

There’s been a lot of noise in the online space about what works/ what doesn’t work. And often, we can get caught up in so many opinions, that we forget to actually take action.

People have been telling me for the last four years that launches don’t work anymore… that I should only be ‘running webinars’/ ‘showing up on FB live’/ ‘writing more blogs’ – but the reality is, that having a well planned and well executed launch WORKS for my business. (Alongside 99.9% of other businesses!)

But the operative phrase there is ‘well planned’.

And maximising your revenue is all about taking a proven launch strategy and executing it properly.

Yes – it requires work. And time. And usually, investment in audience growth. But if you get your launch strategy nailed and execute it properly – you’ll find that it pays to plan like a pro!


There you go – 7 tips for my 7th launch of Cash Creation – and if you want to be one of the success stories in our next round, you can sign up to our Cash Creation Waitlist here.

We’ll be opening again in 2019 – so in the meantime, get prepping for your best Q4 by building your list and getting ready to launch!

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