It’s no secret that LinkedIn is one of my favourite sales platforms. It might not be as intuitive as Facebook…or as pretty as Instagram. But when it comes to sales, LinkedIn competes for the top spot with ease if you’re targeting a corporate market.

That’s a vast amount for a new business, from one platform – especially when I wasn’t having to spend hours creating content.

What makes LinkedIn such a great sales platform?


1. You can reach professionals

The biggest benefit of using LinkedIn versus any other social media platform, is that it’s the only professional platform (currently) and the demographic on LinkedIn is a much more professional one.

Therefore the prospects using the platform already want to use the network for business related activities. This can speed up decision making times and buying schedules.


2. You can build relationships

Simply. LinkedIn is the ultimate relationship building platform.

It might not always be as simple to use, but if you are someone who is looking to network professionally and build relationships that come to fruition sooner, then it’s super simple to use.

Remember to be an ‘engager’…someone who actively enjoys building relationships and putting in the groundwork of engaging with other people, recommending them and sending cold invitations.


3. You can curate your contacts

LinkedIn has the benefit of letting you curate your contacts – and choose who you want to connect with based on certain demographics; job title, companies worked for, interests etc.

So do your market research. Figure out which companies you want to target, and the job titles within those organisations, and start connecting.


4. You can create communities

In a similar way to Facebook, LinkedIn also allows you to create communities aka groups (although the functionality is very different to Facebook).


5. Google loves your LinkedIn articles

Yes really. Essentially every article you publish on LinkedIn is indexed and will show up in Google searches. And guess what, because LinkedIn has so much ‘domain authority’ articles you post on LinkedIn will outperform the same post on your website every time.

Top tip! Don’t read this and go and copy your blog posts straight onto LinkedIn as articles, unless you link to the fact that the article was previously published on your website (with a link) and at least 2-3 weeks have passed since your original blog was posted. Don’t confuse Google!

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